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Megan Hurley - Our New Board Member!

Peer Support Network is proud to announce our newest board member, Megan Loiaconi Hurley!

Megan is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor from 2008 and a Zumba Fitness instructor & World of Dance U-Jam Fitness instructor. Both of these fitness formats serve as her physical and rehabilitative therapy, continuing to reach levels of recovery higher than anyone expected. Originally from New York, Megan received her Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in biology from Fairfield University. She published the journey of her TBI recovery, "Hope Survives: Strength After A Traumatic Brain Injury" to share the importance of a positive support team in challenges we all face.

Prior to her accident, she was a teacher of English at the high school level & a college admissions counselor. With a passion for teaching and community outreach, she is dedicated to active with the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation. Megan's goal is to speak in schools about brain injury, acceptance, resilience & perseverance. Megan and her husband, Bob, visit family on the East Coast but are settled in sunny San Diego cheering on the Padres!