• Peer Support Network

July Progress Notes

1. Now that we have our first client signed up, Peer Support Network is looking for volunteers and donors to help improve her quality of life. If you are interested in learning how you can help, please contact us at peersuppnetwork@gmail.com! You may also go onto our volunteer page and start your sign-up progress!

2. We have seen great responses to our facebook fundraisers - thank you to everyone who donated! If you are interested in pledging a monthly donation for a client, please email us for more information! You may also go onto our donate page and learn more about the various ways you can contribute to Peer Support Network!

3. We've now been verified for PayPal donations! This is a big step for us as we've been figuring out new and various ways to give donators the option to donate! If you head on over to our "Donate" page, we now have a PayPal button that you can submit a one-time or monthly donation.