• Peer Support Network

August Progress Notes

August 1, 2019: Today we received our first shipment of Peer Support Network pamphlets and business cards. We can't wait to share our mission and vision with everyone we meet! Major thank you to Canva, where we were able to print out our pamphlets and business cards.

August 3, 2019: Today we received our first donations from our Facebook fundraisers! The funds will go toward background checks for our first volunteers. We are excited to start recruiting more volunteers and look forward to all that we can accomplish!

August 31, 2019: Since our founding in March, 2019, Peer Support Network Volunteers have logged over 200 hours of volunteer time and funded over $2,000 in direct client costs. Our donors have provided over $1,300 in monetary donations and over $3,000 in non-monetary donations, including several used medical supplies. We are very proud of these numbers and are looking forward to continuing to grow! If you are interested in becoming involved, contact us at peersuppnetwork@gmail.com to find out how you can contribute to this growing organization!