Our Story

Meeting our 1st client in February 2018 showed us a new world.

She had suffered a medical trauma resulting in an acquired disability

at the age of 45, leaving her unable to return to the workforce and

earn her financial needs. Together, we learned about a huge gap in

our healthcare system in the United States. 

If you do not have long-term health insurance and  have not paid a

significant amount into social security, you are not likely to have the 

resources to cover medical expenses in the case of significant disability

prior to the age of 65.


The needs of someone with an acquired disability can range from being homebound to feeling isolated to lacking resources to meet personal or material needs. Bringing a cup of coffee or reading a book to someone can make their day!

With Peer Support Network, assistance is provided through financial, material, and time donations, utilizing a peer to peer platform based on individual needs. All of our work is provided by a team of volunteers and is free of charge to the clients!

Each client of Peer Support Network is assigned a Community Volunteer who

completes an individual assessment and makes recommendations regarding

the client’s needs. These recommendations are reviewed by the board in order

to ensure that the client's needs are being met first and foremost!