Disability Survivors

Kecia is a funny, sassy 47 year old woman. Her interests include cooking and fashion. She enjoys watching movies (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is her favorite actor) and football (she roots for the Steelers).


Kecia suffered a devastating medical event in July of 2016 that left her immobilized and unable to speak. For the first year and a half following this tragedy, she was in and out of the hospital. When we first met Kecia, she was bedbound, weak, and able to say only 3 words.


Kecia started working hard on recovering some of her basic skills in February of 2018. Since that time, she has made amazing progress! She can sit up in a wheelchair, has over 100 word vocabulary, and is able to engage in meaningful conversation. She enjoys going out to lunch with friends, shopping, and the occasional mani/pedi at the spa!


Kecia does not have local family support, and because of her young age and employment history, the disability income that she is entitled to does not come close to covering her living costs. 

Kecia has the following needs:

Financial: $300 per month for transportation and incidentals

Material: Clothing (women’s size 2x). Toiletries/ self-care items appropriate to her age and race.

Volunteer: Personal & social interactions. Legal services. Aesthetic services i.e. salon services (hair care, skin care, nail care). Exercise/ personal training assistance. Transportation assistance using bus services.

Wants: Gift cards for grocery stores, restaurants, or chain stores; fashion accessories.

Sarah deals with a traumatic brain injury that went undiagnosed for several years. She has episodes when she has a difficult time speaking, focusing and walking; at other times, she has no symptoms at all.

Sarah is inspiring and has an amazing story. She has her Master's Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. Sarah has worked as an adjunct professor at San Diego State University. She has worked in the past as a patient advocate to those with disabilities. She has written and published a book entitled, "Daring to Dream, Essential Tools to Find Employment" and hosted a Podcast. Sarah currently lives with her husband in La Mesa.

Sarah's husband also has a brain injury. He is able to drive and has a full time job. They live paycheck to paycheck, so it would be nice to be able to give them a gift card so they could go out on a date or purchase home accessories.

Sarah has the following needs:

- Someone to provide companionship, to talk to her and go out for a walk with her from time to time
- Someone to assist with grocery shopping, meal preparation, and basic errands
- Someone to assist with organizing her home and light housekeeping (folding laundry, putting away dishes)
- Someone to assist with transportation to and from medical appointments

- Wants: Gift cards for restaurants or chain stores to improve quality of life

We are always looking for more clients and more volunteers! If you know someone who is in need, or if you want to volunteer your time to assist one of our clients, please contact us for information!

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